The Moonhouse Sessions

by Avalanche

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recorded live at the Mondhaus in november '12
released on tape, limited to 50 pieces.
thanks to lu and cheating death zine.


released December 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Avalanche Wien, Austria

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Track Name: Jupiter Odyssey
Impulsive eruptions
Cataclysmic consumption
Massive collision
Gravitational loss
Celestial IO
Life bringing planet
Cratered Callisto
Ganymedian speed

Solar interaction
Majestically storms
Magnetic death field eating them worms

Planetary alignment
An interstellar cry
Fed up by dust and a warp to the sky

Watching these worlds collide
in massive confusion
Watching these worlds in fear
Track Name: Exosphere
We started our mission to IO
A scientific journey was our plan
While I checked the engines in both ways
I reported data to moon base (Alpha)
One fuel engine started to break down
while we were on acceleration
Close to speed of light
there was something going on
that I still can not explain

...because then...
I saw this light above
A stroke hit my body
Felt my life disappear
inside the Exosphere
But my mind started to snap
to planet earth i got back

I don't know how but I survived
the way back to earth
to report our mission has failed
Lost my crew inside deep space
and saw their bodies getting ereased

So we were trapped upon horizon
with nothing to fear
Called for existence - no help was near
The earth's surface - death was so clear
Can't tell what happened inside the Exosphere